Enhance Your Acupuncture Treatment...


Hot Stones

Feel your stress melt away as radiant heat from natural river rocks soothe you. Free during your birthday month! $5

Herbal Spritzer

An elegant sip of relaxing elixir in sparkling water, perfect before your treatment. $5

Warm Oil Hand Immersion

Comfort your joints and soften your skin with a soothing hand treatment featuring therapeutic oils and massage. $25

Jade & Ginseng Eye Treatment 

Brighten your outlook! Deeply relaxing and nourishing, give your eyes the special care they deserve. $25

Personalized Tea Blend

Continue your therapy at home with this custom herbal tea, blended specifically for you. $20-25

B-12 Injection

An essential vitamin, B-12 supports energy and nervous system function. $35

**These injections are administered by Dr. Mark and must be scheduled in advance.

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