Wellspring Welcomes: Lauren Woznicki
Licensed Massage Therapist | Herbalist

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Lauren has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 2001. Her strong connection with nature and relationship with plants led her down the path to becoming an herbalist. Lauren is honored to assist others with achieving their wellness goals.

"I've seen great results from Lauren's therapeutic massage for my patients. I highly recommend Lauren!" ~ Patricia    

Therapeutic Massage:
Integrates various massage techniques tailored for individual client needs. Includes warm therapy towels and foot reflexology.

75 minute personalized therapeutic massage: $90
90 minute personalized therapeutic massage: $105

Hot Stone Massage:
Combines customized therapeutic massage with warm water heated stones. The warm stones have the ability to penetrate deeper muscle layers and produce a sedative effect that can relieve chronic pain and promote deeper relaxation.

90 minute therapeutic hot stone massage: $120

Herbal Bundle Massage:
Herbal Bundle Massage utilizes thermal therapy with the application of steamed muslin cloth bundles filled with a variety of fresh and dried medicinal herbs.
The herbal bundles are rolled and gently pressed on accupressure points along the body to assist in detoxification, improved circulation and muscle relaxation. 
When applied to joints and muscles warm compresses can soothe soreness and increase flexibility. Combined with trigger point massage and foot reflexology.

90 minute therapeutic herbal bundle massage: $120

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