Join us every Wednesday and experience relief from pain, headache, depression, anxiety and stress. Improve mental clarity, sleep and overall health. 

   Points of Grace is a community health service sponsored by Wellspring Clinic in partnership with PeaceHealth Medical Center. We offer a comfortable ear acupuncture treatment that relieves pain, stress and improves overall health. This is a safe and effective non-pharmaceutical treatment option that brings relief to hundreds of people. Many begin feeling better during their treatment and report significant health benefits with ongoing sessions.  Points of Grace offers ear acupuncture in a peaceful group setting.  It is a place of peace and healing, open to everyone in our community. Appointments are not necessary and donations make this service possible.

  Points of Grace is offered every Wednesday between 11am - 1pm, located inside Wellspring Clinic at 1845 Hwy. 126, Suite H in Florence, Ore. All treatments are administered by Patricia Immel, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist.  We hope to see you soon! 

Reviews for Points of Grace


"Since attending Points of Grace, my neck pain has been relieved and I am sleeping sounder. Thank you, Patricia!"

"These treatments are so important to my health and clarity of thought. Thank you Points of Grace."

"Since attending Points of Grace my sleeping is much improved and my mood seems to be more level. Thank you for all your kindness."

"My pain levels have dramatically reduced since attending Points of Grace. This program definitely helps me sleep and I feel less stressed. Thank you, Patricia!"

"I absolutely loved the treatment, staff and the facility. I'll be happy to come back."

"My wife and I have been helped greatly by the Points of Grace treatment. We enjoy coming here every week."

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What can acupuncture do for me? Acupuncture is a safe and effective therapy for providing relief from pain, headache, depression, anxiety and stress. Other benefits of acupuncture include improved mental clarity, sleep, immune function and overall health.

   2. How long is each treatment?  Please allow 30 minutes for your treatment.

   3. Is the experience relaxing? We take care to provide a relaxing and therapeutic experience for people who attend this service. 

   4. Does the treatment hurt?  Once the needles are in place, your ear may tingle or feel warm.  There may be a brief pain as the             needle first passes through the skin.  Most people find the treatment very relaxing and some even fall asleep.  These are                   normal responses. Even if you don't feel much, you are getting benefit from treatment. The treatments can have helpful                 effects on many emotional and physical issues.

   5. Should I eat before my treatment? Yes, please be sure to have eaten and had water before your treatment.

   6. What day is Points of Grace held?  Points of Grace is every Wednesday between 11 am - 1 pm at Wellspring Clinic, 1845 Hwy.         126 Suite H, Florence, Oregon.

    7. Do I need to make an appointment? No appointment is necessary. Just stop by Wellspring Clinic between 11 am - 1 pm.

    8. How much does Points of Grace cost? The cost is by donation so we can increase community access to health care. The average          donation is $10. Your donations are appreciated and help make this service possible.

We look forward to serving you!