Gentle Detox Activities for Spring

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When you think of spring cleaning do you think of your liver? Your liver is an internal cleaning service and spring is when its energy peaks. So now is the time to give your liver the extra support it needs to cleanse & detoxify.

                            Symptoms of a Stressed Liver Include:

                             Fatigue                         Chemical sensitivity
                             Fibromyalgia                Diabetes
                             Autoimmunity             Chronic infections
                             Infertility                     Poor memory
                             Headaches                   Tremors
                             Allergies                      Asthma
                             Balance problems        rain fog

Healthy living in today’s world requires informed lifestyle choices. Below is a list of gentle & effective detox activities.

Dry Brush Your Skin. Look for a brush with soft natural bristles. Begin with light, gentle brushing over the skin (don't make the skin red). Always brush towards the heart. Shower immediately after to rinse off exfoliated skin.

Get Wet. Therapeutic use of water also supports detoxification. A steam or sauna can accelerate the release of toxins. Hydrotherapy provides support to the muscles and promotes relaxation. Mineral bath salts also help release toxins.

Sweat it Out-Gently. Exercise facilitates digestion, circulation, metabolism and hormone balancing. During a detox, decrease the intensity of your usual exercise routine, but do break a moderate sweat. Get outdoors for fresh air and natural sunlight. Good exercise options are easy hiking, dancing, walking, yoga, or tai chi.

Rest. For your mind and body to fully assimilate the benefits of detoxing, you need good quality sleep. Plan your least stimulating activities (reading, meditation, bathing) for right before bed.

Hydrate! Without enough water, toxins will not be sufficiently flushed from the body. Aim to drink at least 2 quarts of water per day with lemon/lime during a detox.

Minimize Toxin Exposure: Eating a nutrient-dense organic diet, choosing harmless natural body care products, and otherwise lifestyle choices help to minimize exposure to toxicants.  

For best results in your individualized detox program, schedule an appointment with Dr Mark. Patients with moderate to severe symptoms, or those with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular problems, or neurological disease should definitely have physician supervision before and during detox programs. Questions about detox? Call on our licensed healthcare practitioners to provide personal recommendations for optimizing your health.