From the Remedy Case: Apis Mellifica

Homeopathy is extremely useful for home treatment of minor ailments and injuries.

Remedy: Apis Mellifica (Honey Bee)                   

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Apis  is a very useful homeopathic remedy for stings -  not only from bees, but from any animal or plant whose self defense system produces the characteristic symptoms of this remedy - swelling, heat, and stinging pain.  One need think no further than the experience of a bee sting to grasp the basics of this useful medicine.  Whether the injury comes from an insect, a jellyfish, or a thorny plant - if the symptoms fit, Apis will help.
The essential characteristics of the remedy are:

  •  stinging, burning pain
  •  swelling
  •  heat
  •  affected part is worse from heat in any form, from touch, and pressure
  •  feels better from cold bathing, uncovering, and in the open air

Take a dose of Apis 30c every 15 - 30 minutes until symptoms are relieved.  In the case of multiple stings or severe pain, use Apis  in the 200c potency.  I have personally experienced this twice - once from stepping on a wasp nest, and again disturbing a hornet nest.  The remedy worked beautifully both times.  Carry it on hikes!
 Of course, if you are severely allergic to bee stings, continue to carry your epinephrine injection,  and use as necessary.