From the Remedy Case: Ruta

Commonly called “Ruta or Ruta grav” , this remedy is great to have around during the summer, when many of us are likely to work or play too hard.  It is particularly useful for injuries due to overuse, such as strains and sprains.  It follows Arnica well, when the injury is past the initial stage of swelling and acute pain, yet the part still feels sore and weak. 


Think of Ruta  with these conditions:

  •  injuries to ligaments or tendons, such as tennis elbow
  •  injuries to bones or periosteum (a kind of tough skin that overlies bones), what we call a “bone bruise”
  •  dry socket after a tooth extraction
  •  injured part feels sore, bruised, and we want to avoid using it
  •  feels worse from cold in any form
  •  worse from continued motion/use

            Ruta is also a useful remedy for eyestrain.  If you’ve been reading or working at the computer, and have forgotten the “20-20-20 rule” (every 20 minutes, take a break and look at something 20 feet away for at least 20 seconds), a dose or two of Ruta  may help.  Another useful thing an opthlamologist once told me is “If you’re thinking too much, you’re not blinking enough” and he advised blinking breaks or using eyedrops to keep eyes lubricated and moist.

            In addition to using Ruta internally as a homeopathic remedy, we also use it externally in the form of an oil.  We apply it once or twice daily over injured tendons, ligaments, or bones.