Dr. Mark's Reminder: High Smoke Exposure

As summer's heat continues to dry out most of Oregon and wildfires remain minimally contained, many people are feeling the effects of smoke exposure. If you are planning to travel near or through an area experiencing a fire, keep in mind these simple tips to stay well:

Wellspring Clinic Fire Season Checklist Unsplash.jpg

1) Stay indoors as much as possible if you are staying at or near an area with high smoke. Use an air filtration system if available.

2) If you must be outdoors in a smoky area, wearing a well-fitting mask may help keep fine particulates out of your airways.

3) Drink even more water than usual to keep hydrated.

4) A nasal rinse (such as a Neti pot) is helpful in clearing out particles in the nose, reducing symptoms of exposure.

5) Supplements may be helpful in reducing or preventing symptoms of smoke exposure: Vitamin C (500mg or more, preferably with a high concentration of bioflavonoids) dosed at least three times daily, Meriva (or similar curcumin phytosome product, such as TetraCumin) or other liver support formulas may help your body eliminate smoke toxins, and Quercetin Phytosome (or a similarly bioavailable quercetin product, such as QuerciSorb).

Be sure to stay up-to-date on wildfire news!
Click here, to check out this real-time fire map provided by the Oregonian.